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Dastgir Sahib Shrine Kashmir

A relatively calm & peaceful mosque, the Dastgir Sahib dargah is situated in old part of Srinagar city. Communal harmony and syncretism have been the features of this mosque for many centuries.

The delicate white & green exteriors & glorious interiors covered with 'Papier-Mache' scroll work, Arabic scriptures & floral motifs make this mosque a beautiful place to visit. The intricately carved panels & the Aytal Kursi which hang at the door are the highlights of this mosque.
Stories of a number of families, their hopes and sufferings been washed away by praying here are popular. This is an attractive shrine, for both the believers and mere tourists. It is reachable by taxis. Both men and women are welcomed here and pictures can be taken with the permission of the attendants.