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Water Trekking Kashmir

Water Trekking & Sports
In the summer season Jammukashmirladak.com  offers a series of a little less rigorous adventure sports, such as Water Skiing, on Srinagar's Dal and Nagin Lakes, a popular part time in the valley. Water trekking is calculated to delight anyone wanting to explore the valley in a boat. A Gondala, locally known as Shikara, takes sightseers along a five-day route along rivers and lakes situated within the valley. Enjoy spending nights camping along the way. TroutFishing is another delightful water sport in Kashmir and fishing season lasts all through summer.

With the onset of summers in Kashmir a variety of adventure sports are available on the Lakes of Kashmir. A trek in the water is a delight for those who want to discover Kashmir through water bodies. A Gondola takes you through rivers and lakes situated in Kashmir. An enchanting water sport is Trout Fishing that lasts throughout summer.

With Jammukashmirladak.com  you have an opportunity to enjoy some of these places in a boat for three nights and four days that takes you through Srinagar, Manasbal Lake, Wular Lake and Nageen Lake.

Jammukashmirladak.com   offers detailed information about Kashmir Water Trekking.

As you reach Srinagar on the first day of your tour, representatives of the tour operator escorts you to the houseboat. After some rest, you are transferred to a Shikara which starts your water safari and begins at the Dal Lake. Thee Shikara rides with two ores through the river Jhelum.
View the ancient parts of Hagen on the way. From the Dal Lake you enter the Mansbal Lake that is filled with Lotuses and Lillie's. At night you stay in a tent of the Mansbal Lake Garden. On the second day a visit to the Wular Lake is arranged. The ride takes you through picturesque and ancient places through a fish market on the banks of the lake. The shrine of Baba Shukar Din is on the way in Watlab from where you can have an excellent view of the lake.

On the third day of the tour, a trip to the Anchar Lake, the bird watchers' paradise, famous for migratory birds is arranged. In the evening you are transferred back to the houseboat. This brings an end to your tour and you are escorted back to the airport or railway station on the fourth day.