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Wular Lake Kashmir

The lake, calm though it may appear, is noted for the fierce winds that sometimes blow up. The deepest part of the lake is known as Mota Khon, the 'Gulf of corpses', since the bodies of people drowned in the lake were all supposed to be washed to this place. At one time there was an artificial island on the lake, where boatmen could shelter if the weather turned bad, but silting on that side of the lake has joined the island to the lakeside. It's now a popular picnic spot.

Other attractions of the Wullar Lake are some ruins, standing in the middle of the lake. These remains are that of an island of Zaina Lanka, built by King Zain-ul-abidin. It is believed that the lake is a remnant of the Satisar Lake, which used to be here in the per-historic times. The tour of Wullar Lake generally includes the neighboring town of Bandipore. This town is quite famous as a shopping destination for the purchase of woollen carpets manufactured in this area. Another must see place near Wullar is the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, bird watcher's paradise.

Spread over an area of 189 sq km, maximum depth of 14 metres,length of 16 km and a breadth of 10 km. The lake is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. It is an important habitat for fish, accounting for 60 per cent of the total fish production within the state.Zaina  Lank an island in the lake was built bySultan Zainulabidin in 1443, it is said to have been built as a storm refuge 4or boatmen in the lake. Legend describes Wular as a ‘cave’ where a city was once swallowed up by the earthquakes and floods. Wular is a mystic lake that still finds same takers who are interested to see its vastness and its surroundings. The water nuts grow in a large quantity in some portions of lake, this provides a living to many and a nut to relish for others.