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Angling Kashmir

Fishing season in Kashmir runs from April to October. The tourist department and the administration has set strict policies for fishing like - only artificial flies are permitted and each licence authorizes the angler to keep only six fish a day, none of them being shorter than 7.5 cm. Beats can be booked for a day or a week at a time in one of the three basic types of streams.

Trout fishing in Jammu is far cheaper than it is in any other part of the world. What adds more charm to this fact is that, the Department of Fisheries, which controls angling in the valley, works hard to ensure that there is no depletion of stock by indiscriminate fishing, which means that one can revel in angling in ideal conditions.

Kashmir  home to innumerable streams and rivers meandering through it. The geographical variation along the course of each river is immense, affording endless possibilities for the angler. Closer to the source of each river, the gradient is steeper and the waters flow faster, while the landscape is generally hilly and towering with pines. The fishing season in Jammu and Kashmir lasts from March till October.

Equipments Used for Fishing
Complete facilities for the fishing are made available by the administration and tourism department for the ease of the travelers. It is difficult to carry a light two to three metre fishing rods as hand luggage on aircraft for security and other reasons with an eight cm reel will suffice. As flies are one of the important requirements for the fishing in Kashmir, the generally used flies in Kashmir include Peacock, March Brown, Butcher, Jinger Quill, Coachman, Woodcock & Green and Watson's Fancy.