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The striking place with snow clipped peaks, blue water lakes, and barren terrain and pleasing alpines- yes this is Ladakh. One of the most loved trekking destinations Ladakh is famous for giving birth to so many gorgeous lakes. The most enriching and largest lake among all the other high altitude lakes of India, Tsomoriri Lake stretches from western Tibet into the eastern Ladakh. On this land of nomads, you can get an unforgettable experience of the lifetime with the nomad’s traditional lifestyle. The lake known for changing its turquoise blue color with the change in light is surrounded with many pictorial landscapes. Touring Ladakh with Tsomoriri Lake is undoubtedly trip to cherish forever

The wildlife rich area can give you many of the experiences with red Fox, “Kyang” (wild ass) and the highly endangered, rarely found snow Leopard. Watching black-necked Cranes and the geese flock during their visit to the lakeside during breeding period in summer will please you.

Tsomoiri Lake Trek

Recently opened to foreigners due to the proximity of the Chinese boarder, the Changthang is a land of wilderness and magnificent landscapes. This region is characterized by high arid plains, remote villages, snow-capped peaks and beautiful high altitude azure-blue lakes, the largest being Tsomoriri at 4,500 m.

Truly remote, this area is only accessible for a few months every summer and is inhabited by Changpas - nomadic yak and pashmina goat herders of Tibetan origin, who wander this area crossing over high altitude mountain passes. Our trek will take us across these passes to their summer settlements to witness a unique human culture, far away from the reaches of the modern world. The itinerary then goes south towards Spiti, following the western bank of the lake. The scenery is wild and vast with snow-capped peaks lining the far horizon. The trek ends at Tabo, famous for its monastery.