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Angling ladakh

Fishing Tours Ladakh is one adventure sport that has universal appeal. Tourists can enjoy the pleasure of fishing in the streams and lakes of Ladakh. Ladakh is one of Kashmir's important fishing retreats. The water bodies in area are rich in trout.

Though one requires a permit to go fishing, the experience can be a once in a lifetime experience. This region is aptly known as a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The streams and lakes have plenty of brown and rainbow trout.

Fishing on the high altitude lakes can be a learning experience.

The administration and tourism department provide complete facilities to the travellers. It is difficult to carry a light two to three metre fishing rods as hand luggage on aircraft for security and other reasons with an eight cm reel will suffice. One of the important requirement for fishing in Ladakh is flies .The generally used flies in Kashmir include

March Brown
Jinger Quill
Watson's Fancy