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VARDAAN RESORT : Patnitop ( J&K)

Jammu City

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Arrival of a guest at any destination hotel should open with a view of the attractions of the hotel – the courtyard, the restaurant, lounge areas etc., where the guests can enjoy the hotel facilities. Vardaan welcomes guest with a log fire and a view clear through the building and its subtle interior architecture to the landscape beyond. The welcome emphasises the location, in wilderness on the mountain top, adjacent to the wildlife protected area and surrounded by forest. An unconventionally designed hotel built in the surroundings of PIR PANJAL ranges, which are cladded with snow during winters. The Resort is covered by confiers, Pine Trees and gives a breathtaking view of the Chenab basin from the SUN DECK. Bonfire and music is daily organised on the hotel terrace to cheer up the mood of the In-house guests.The resort is a place where time stands still. Where you can bask in the sunshine or relax in the shade. And the rules are all your own. A place where you can find peace within. Where you lose yourself in the beauty of nature. And if you listen carefully you can hear your soul. Vardaan hotels serving hospitality across J&K through Jammu and Patnitop in India, a perfect choice for business and leisure traveler alike.